What is Oral HCG for Weight Loss?

HCG Weight Loss Diet has been getting increased attention in the past decade. Dieters who take daily HCG Hormone along with a 500-calorie-per-day diet, have reported losing up to 40 pounds in just 6 weeks of time. That is losing an average of 1 pound a day. As you may already know, there are currently two popular methods of taking the daily HCG hormone on HCG diet today, either by HCG injections or oral HCG drops.

When the HCG diet protocol was originally developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the late 1950s, he injected HCG shots to his patients in order to deliver HCG into their bodies, because at that time, HCG was only biologically active when injected into the human body via a hypodermic needle. Since then, HCG shot has become the standard form of HCG treatment for weight loss.

Thanks to the technology advance, oral HCG drop was recently invented as an alternative for dieters to introduce the HCG hormone into the body. Mimicking the effects of HCG shots, oral HCG is said to be as effective as HCG injections in increasing the body metabolism and burning the unwanted fat. This is great news for those who are not comfortable with taking HCG shots.

So what is oral HCG? To clarify, oral HCG should be properly known as “sublingual HCG,” because dieters are instructed to put it under the tongue, so the HCG hormone can be absorbed into the body via the mucous membrane. It is also very important to know that you shouldn’t swallow sublingual HCG, because the HCG hormone will be destroyed by the digestive enzymes and acids and become ineffective. When taking sublingual HCG, you need to take 2 doses per day, which is twice as much comparing to HCG injections.

When you order sublingual HCG online, you will often receive a HCG powder package and then mix the solution on your own, unless you order the mixed sublingual HCG solution overnight to you in a refrigerated package. The latter costs more and HCG will become useless when accidentally exposed to heat. So most dieters choose to mix sublingual HCG solution at home.

Studies have shown sublingual HCG and HCG injections actually result in the same weight loss results when used appropriately. So whether to choose HCG injections or oral HCG for weight loss is simply a matter of personal preference or convenience. Read more about “Oral HCG vs. HCG Injections” here……

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  1. Rita says

    I have been reading the information you have posted about HCG ULTRA and some of the diet requirements. Well to me if your only going to be able to consume 500 calories in a day, that is a no brainer in itself. Any fool can figure that out. Of course one is going to loose weight. 43 years ago I was on a 1,000 calorie a day dist and stuck to 900 each day and lost 90 lbs in in about 7-8 months under the Doctors care taking a pill called Pre-Sate. Of course I was very diligent back then about anything I put in my mouth. The way you describe all of this information, going on 500 calories a day, why would 1 even need the HCG ULTRA.

    This is just my observation


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