PCOS and HCG Diet

PCOS is a short acronym for polycystic ovary syndrome.  This condition occurs in women and can lead to issues with weight loss as well as infertility.  The condition is characterized by a number of baneful symptoms including abnormal menstruation, polycystic ovaries, the excessive presence of androgens, pre-diabetes, Acanthosis nigricans, obesity, and infertility.  This condition can also lead to a wide array of unwanted complications such as sleep apnea, uterine bleeding, metabolic syndrome, liver inflammation, gestational diabetes in pregnant females, high blood pressure, and abnormalities in one’s cholesterol levels.

Interestingly, while it may be difficult to shed pounds when you have PCOS, you will find that the very act of losing weight can improve the condition considerably.  People using hcg diet methods have found great success in dealing with PCOS too; this type of diet makes it possible to lose weight when regular dieting methods fail.  What’s more, the use of hcg supplements may even help correct conditions related to infertility; it has been found that if hcg levels in the body are increased, a woman’s chances of getting pregnant also increase.

Women that are dealing with PCOS conditions will find it ten percent more difficult to shed pounds than a female that does not have PCOS.  Even where birth control and medicines like Meformin fail, a female can find weight loss success on the HCG diet.  A female can give the 23 day regimen a try which includes the use of injections or drops and a very low calorie diet of 500 calories every day.  There are a list of foods that are acceptable foods on this particular diet, many of them vitamin enriched so that the female’s health is further improved.  If a woman is dealing with PCOS and is having issues with fertility, once weight is shed she improves the likelihood of conceiving too.

How does the hcg diet improve one’s likelihood of conceiving?  Since a woman eats very little calories on this particular diet she will increase her ovulation.  Researchers have found that after going on a very low calorie diet for a period of six months a woman will actually ovulate more, as much as fifty percent.  What’s more, if a woman has a very long menstrual cycle every month she will find that the duration of her periods becomes shorter when she begins dieting and losing weight.  If a woman with PCOS loses five to nineteen pounds, her chances of conceiving a child improve dramatically: over ninety percent of women with PCOS that lose weight are later able to conceive.

What’s great about the HCG diet is that a female doesn’t have to get into rigorous exercise in order to drop pounds too.  When on the plan only light exercise is called for; this means that the female can easily maintain her energy levels while on the hcg diet and she doesn’t have to be concerned with her dislike of exercise deterring her from remaining committed to the plan.  With the diet plan and the appropriate use of supplements, women can shed anywhere from ten to forty pounds in a two month period.


  1. kaitlynn says

    Hi. my names Kaitlynn. Im 23 and was diagnosed 1 year ago with pcos. My symptoms started when I was 15. I am starting the hcg drops in one week and couldnt be happier. I wil let you know how it goes. Wish me luck 🙂

    • Rosemary Fugeio says

      Hi My name is Rosemary, I was also diagnosed with pcos, and want to start the hcg diet. How is it going for you!!?

  2. cammy says

    hi i am in the same boat i have been dealing with pcos since i was 16 i am now 25 and just got diagnosed 4 years ago, please let me know how these drops work and how safe they are i am blessed with a son who i had last may, i was blessed with 2 other angels who are now in heaven because i had miscarraiges, i am starting to think like y'all and starting to give up on weight there is some days i dont even want to get out of bed but my son keeps me going lol. please any info would be very appericated. thanks a bunch

  3. Jennifer says

    Hi Renea, just wondering if you have started the hcg drops and if so any results. I am in the same boat as you. I had started giving up thinking I can't lose weight mine as well eat what and when I want. Something finally clicked I said no more I have lost 20lbs so far just by cutting out soda and eating after 7 I also added zumba. Good luck Jennifer

  4. Renea says

    but i have placed an order for the hcg drops and they should be here in the next week, i am very optimistic. i have read so many reviews and tried to get all the info. before deciding it this is for me, i.ve heard some not so good things about hgc, but you have to way your options and use your intuition, mine was kinda a no-brainer, for the fact, i feel like my health couldn't get worse, i need to do all i can, to improve my levels and pcos, i feel sometimes that i am a ticking time-bomb. i cannot wait to see my results, i am so excited. thanks for the info. this has helped.

  5. Renea says

    This Is very exciting news for us pcos patients, i was diagnosed with pcos almost 12 years ago. i was 5'1 at 112 lbs. after i was diagnosed, in 2 monthes i had gained to 140 lbs. and then over the next year slowly gained up to 170 lbs. It has been such a roller coaster ride trying to find something that will work with pcos, i have lost 5 – 10 lbs. here and there, for them to only return in a week or 2, it seem as if i am fighting a lost cause, my cholesterol has been high for many years, as my triglycerides have been also, along with liver functions high. for someone in their early 30's now dealing with these problems and has been since i was 20, needless to say i feel a bit more like i'm about 60, i have no energy, and seems like i am always trying to think of a new way of loosing weight.

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