The HCG Diet Plan and Headache Issues

The HCG diet plan is definitely a wonderful way to lose weight. Many individuals, both female and male, make use of HCG diets to find that they lose weight with rapid success. Some individuals have complained of experiencing the occasional onset of a headache however, and this can be due to a number of different causes. By taking careful steps, you can avoid the onset of unwanted headaches while on this diet program. Here are some tips for those individuals seeking to get in on the benefits of HCG diets without dealing with unwarranted headaches.

When on the HCG diet, you will be restricting the intake of complex carbohydrates, and you will therefore diminish a major source of the body’s fuel. The body, being used to using the fuel it generates from carbohydrates, will have to work a bit harder to get the fuel it needs from stored fats. This can cause a headache until your body gets used to not having so many carbs to work with when seeking an energy source. In addition, since it is often habitual for a person to consume carbs, it can result in a headache due to bodily withdrawal symptoms. The same goes for the consumption of sugary foods and caffeine loaded products: a headache can result when you stop consuming them. After a brief period of adjustment, the headaches will usually cease.

When starting out on HCG diets, one’s body goes through various physical changes. Some physical changes are obvious while others are not so obvious; losing pounds and noticing smaller and smaller measurements of the body is a clear and obvious change, but inward bodily changes may not be immediately noticeable. For one thing, the body has to make significant adjustments to one’s caloric intake; at times this adjustment is extreme. Imagine going from a 1500 caloriic (sometimes more) intake every day to a caloric intake of a mere 500 calories. This is precisely what HCG diets involve. The HCG products diminish hunger so that ultra low calories can be safely consumed. Your metabolism is sped up by using HCG, and the body begins to burn off unwanted fats. These fats move readily into one’s bloodstream for use by the body as a form of energy. This can, in and of itself, be the onset of headaches in the earliest stages of the diet until one’s body eventually adjusts to how the body burns its fuel source. One can anticipate a headache now and again for the first few days of the diet’s onset.

Another issue can arise on HCG diets if one does not consume enough water every day. Of course, this applies to everyone whether they are dieting or not. One of the symptoms of dehydration is the onset of a headache. Since you are consuming less food you will clearly want to get all the water you need daily; eight to ten glasses of water is highly recommended, not only for fending off potential headaches, but for keeping the digestive tract healthy, and for keeping metabolic processes working perfectly.

Headaches can prove mild to severe when people are on HCG diet plan especially during the first two weeks. You can treat headaches with over the counter offerings, or you can take an L-Glutamine supplement for pain relief. Chamomile tea, sweetened with Stevia, is also an acceptable remedy.


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    I'm on my second turn @ hcg… 1st time lost 40 lbs & felt absolutely fantastic! 9 mo.(and 33 days – doing the shots) later i've lost maybe 12 lbs but NO inches or fat! (didn't cheat ONCE.) decided to continue into phase 3 for 21 days & start again. (maybe got a bad batch?) do i load up again 1st 2 days after phase 3? skip this phase 3? count my losses and go home? HELP!!

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