The HCG Diet Plan and the Necessity of Water

One of the most important things you should do while you are on the HCG diet plan is to drink enough water. Lots of water is needed since you are on a very low calorie diet. You will need to get, at minimum, eight glasses of water in any given day. Sometimes you will need more than that. There are myriad reasons why water is necessary as you engage in the HCG dieting program.
The goal of HCG weight loss is to induce rapid and consistent weight loss; that being the case, water consumption is vital. Water helps to boost metabolic processes and if you become dehydrated, you will find your metabolic processes slow down considerably. To keep your metabolism functioning properly, you have to get the right amount of water every single day. What’s more, dehydration can lead to bodily bloating; if your body believes you need more water, it will hold on to the water it has and store it in your system. Bloating adds more pounds and you may find yourself disappointed by what the scale reveals at every weigh in.

Similar to bloating is constipation; when you become constipated you may add on pounds and your weight loss might be stalled. Regular water consumption can prevent this from happening. When you are constipated, you may feel exhausted or even sick; this can be remedied if you consume all the water your body needs every single day. You also need the right amount of water so that your body can make the most of your food intake. We all know water aids digestive processes. Drinking water makes digestion smoother, helps you maintain a good balance of micro flora in the intestinal tract, and ensures that your body gets all of the energy you require to function at maximum capacity.

If you are seeking a beverage that is cool and refreshing, you will find it in water. What’s more, water will help to keep your appetite at an all time low. As you sip at water throughout the day, it will fill your stomach and give you a temporary full feeling. You will be better able to avoid snacking and inappropriate eating habits because of your water consumption.

If you want to lose as much weight as possible, water is vital. Water flushes out your cells, your organs, and every part of your body. It helps to get rid of unnecessary toxins that otherwise influence the performance of your body. What’s more, as you lose weight and fat begins to break down in your body, it is water that helps to flush out the undesired byproducts and fat. Not having enough water can even have a baneful effect on your energy levels.

Water is also the most beneficial, calorie free beverage you can consume. Your body gets the necessary minerals it needs, and there are no sugars, preservatives, or additives in water. Unlike colas, water can fill you up and refresh you without unnecessary ingredients. You can also drink green teas and herbal teas if you are bored with plain water. If you want to add the sweet taste to your water, remember to use the HCG diet approved sweetener, Stevia. Never add sugar or artificial sweeteners to your drink while on the HCG diet.

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