Use Coconut Oil on HCG Diet

While on the HCG diet, you will want to use healthy oil substitutes such as coconut oil: an organic product. Coconut oil can be utilized to cook HCG approved food selections and the cosmetics and health and beauty items you use should only contain coconut oils as well. Let’s examine the benefits of coconut oil and see its effects while on the HCG diet.

First, if you have ongoing issues with Candida, you can diminish such issues with the use of coconut oil. Candida has baneful effects on the digestive tract and it can cause a whole host of health issues from headaches, to constipation, to immune system dysfunction. Sometimes a person can get Candida from not consuming healthy fats; this issue can be remedied with the consumption of coconut oil. This oil has lauric acids and caprylic acids which prove fatal to Candida promoting bacteria. The use of the oil can help balance one’s digestive microflora, it improves how foods are absorbed, and the body can derive energy from consumed foods with improved efficiency. This means you get more energy on less foods: a definite benefit on the HCG diet plan.

During the initial phases of the HCG diet program, one cuts out complex carbohydrate consumption. This then leads to the body desiring fats and the body will get energy through a process identified as Ketosis. At this stage, adding unhealthy fats to one’s food intake is not recommended, but coconut oil can be used as a replacement for unhealthy fats and it will not hinder one’s dieting or weight loss efforts. Coconut oils increase metabolic effects, aid in digestion, and they also promote the release of one’s fat cells within the body. What’s more, the oil is noted to naturally stimulate thyroid functioning: irregularities with thyroid function are sometimes cited for weight gain.

When on the HCG diet, using cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, and other products on the skin which contain creams, fats, oils or ointments can lend to weight gain. These fats are actually absorbed through one’s body. It is recommended that a dieter utilize products only containing coconut oil to eradicate this issue. Products made by Fiji include shampoos, lip products, and conditioners, all which contain healthy coconut oils.

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