Ways to Break Stalls on HCG Diet

It happens to a lot of dieters: a weight loss stall, a plateau that seems impossible to surpass.  Even when a dieter is following the HCG diet protocol to the letter and he or she has remained fully committed to the HCG diet, after weeks of rapid weight loss, suddenly the dieter just stops losing weight without explanation.  When a dieter reaches a plateau, it can prove incredibly frustrating too and it may even cause the dieter to give up on the HCG diet all together.  If you are a dieter that has reached a dieting plateau, do not give up!  There are ways to overcome the moments when weight loss progress seemingly stalls.

First, take a close look at what you have been eating; even if you are only eat no more than 500 calorie each day, your food choices could be what have caused your entire diet to stall.  If, for instance, you have consumed quite a bit of high carb foods like Melba Toast, bread sticks, or crackers, you may find that stopping eating such foods kick starts your weight loss and helps you conquer your dieting plateau.  Other food consumption practices can also hinder your weight loss; if you eat a lot of canned fruits instead of fresh fruits for example, the preservatives in the fruits may cause weight loss to slow or stop for a temporary period. What’s more, if you fail to diversify your food intake enough, your body may be tricked into the notion that you are not getting sufficient food and it can slow your natural metabolic processes as a result.  Thus, it is important to make sure that you really get a good mix of food choices and that you use as many different foods as you can on the approved HCG diet list.

If you are faced with a plateau on the HCG diet, be aware that men and women have very unique bodies.  Sometimes women can face weight loss issues that men do not necessarily have to deal with when dieting.  A fluctuation in hormones, bloating, and the onset of one’s menstrual cycle can result not only in temporary plateaus, but in a bit of weight gain as well.  Meanwhile, it is vitally important for both men and women to get adequate amounts of sleep every night; if the dieter is not getting the right amount of sleep, it can definitely hinder one’s metabolic processes and cause a temporary halt in weight loss efforts.

In terms of body functions, you will want to ensure that your digestive system is operating correctly.  If, for example, your bowel movements become irregular, you may be faced with issues like bloating and weight gain.  To thwart irregular bowel movements, you might want to increase the amount of fruits and fiber containing foods you consume.  You can also give consideration to taking a daily fiber supplement.  Finally, consuming lots of water is definitely necessary; water not only eliminates issues with constipation, it keeps you fully hydrated and keeps your metabolic processes at peak performance.  If necessary, to fend off issues with constipation, you can also utilize a laxative as directed.

In terms of your digestive processes, some foods will digest faster than others.  When on the HCG diet, you will want to keep your red meat intake limited because the food source tends to digest very slowly.  It is recommended that you keep your red meat intake to a single serving once every seven days or so.  There are other meats that you can consume on the HCG diet that do not hinder your digestive processes such as chicken and seafood. Read more on How to Overcome Plateaus When on the HCG Diet Plan

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