Weight Maintenance after HCG Diet Protocol

Once you have successfully completed the HCG diet protocol, you should have managed to drop the excess weight you wanted to lose.  You will want to keep your weight at a desirable level for good.  This will involve a careful reintroduction of foods into your daily caloric intake. And you will also need to start regular exercise (you are not recommended strenuous exercises while on the HCG diet).  Here are some essential tips you should follow to make long-term weight maintenance easier on you.

After your last HCG injection, continue on with the 500-calories-per-day diet you have been on for another three days.  This will allow your body to adjust to not using the HCG treatment as you continue with the same very low caloric intake.  You will also need an additional three weeks for your body to stabilize as you are allowed to eat any amount of food as long as it doesn’t contain sugar or starch. During this three-week maintenance phase, you are advised to weight yourself every day to ensure you are not gaining more than two pounds over your weight on the last HCG injection day. Otherwise a “steak day” needs to be done to correct the weight gain.

Following the three weeks on a low carbohydrate consumption plan, you can slowly introduce small amounts of foods containing sugars and starches.  You need to make a very gradual increase in your food intake so that you eventually are eating the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight.  This will involve discovering what your caloric intake limit is.  If you are female, take your weight number and multiply it by the number eleven.  If you are male, take your weight number and multiply it by the number 12.  The end result is the total amount of calories you should consume in a day.

Here’s an example: if you are female and you now weigh 130 pounds, you would multiply that by 11 to get a total of 1430 calories each day.  If you are male and you now weigh 180 pounds, you would multiply 180 pounds by 12 to get a total of 2160 calories each day.  Carefully track your caloric intake just as you have done on the HCG diet protocol.  Also make sure you start exercising.  For the first few weeks only exercise for 30 minutes one day a week.  As you increase and maximize your caloric intake, you can begin to exercise at least three times every week.


    • Erin says

      Ii have read anywhere from 10-12 oz. Also, it should be well marbled with fat and soaked in butter before cooking.

  1. Eva says

    I did HCG diet strictly for the 43 days and have continued to lose on the maintenance program. This diet does seem to have reset my metabolism.

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