What Are Loading Days?

hcg diet loading days
Dr. ATW Simeons stated in his manuscript “Pounds and Inches” that dieters need to “eat to capacity of the most fattening food they can get down until they have had the third injection.” In other words, dieters should consume foods that are rich in fat as much as possible in the first two days when starting their daily HCG injections for weight loss.

The two loading days are “absolute necessary” for a successful HCG diet as per Dr. Simeons. Skipping loading days or consuming too little fat during the loading days could cause your HCG weight loss slow down or even fail. The main reason why dieters must eat as much fatty food as possible during the two loading days is to enable their body to stock enough fat reserves that are needed for the HCG diet and jump start the body metabolism. In addition, it takes about three injections for the HCG hormone to kick in, so that abnormal fat begins to circulate in the body and become available for depletion. As a matter of fact, dieters won’t lose any abnormal fat until they complete the third HCG injection , even if they choose not to gorge fatty food in the first two days of HCG injections. Last but not least, proper loading days will also help dieters decrease hunger pains when they start the 500 calories diet subsequently.

Some dieters don’t understand why they have to eat fat in order to lose weight. Some are afraid of gaining weight from loading fat so they start the 500 Calories diet as soon as they take the first HCG shot. The consequence is they feel hungry and the HCG diet become uncomfortable. In fact, with the proper loading days, many dieters are surprised to find out they don’t gain weight and some even lose, because of the direct action of HCG and high-protein intake.

So which food should you eat in the loading days? Choose food that are high in fat, such as avocados, almond butter, olive oil, nuts, meat, bacon and so on. You can eat sugar and starches as well, but fats are what you need to focus on these loading days.

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