What Will Happen at the Maintenance Phase of HCG Diet

When you enter the Maintenance phase of the HCG diet plan, you should have seen wonderful changes in your mind and body. You will drop the weight you want to lose with considerable speed and you will have the body you have long dreamed about. Your mindset will become more positive, you will be more confident, and you will be happier with yourself as well. There are many lasting changes that your body and mind will endure from the HCG diet so that when you finish your last HCG injection or sublingual drop and move into the weight maintenance phase you will be a very different person indeed.

While you are on the HCG dieting, the daily HCG hormone treatment causes changes in your metabolic processes by resetting the hypothalamus, which will alter how your body burns fat. As a result, you will burn the unwanted abnormal fat stores in the body with greater efficiency. This faster fat burning process will carry over into your weight maintenance efforts after the daily HCG treatment is over.

However, you will still have to continue the 500-calories-per-day diet for another 3 days after your last HCG injection. After you are done with the strict very low calories diet, you don’t need to count calories any more, as long as you stay away from sugar or starch in the next three weeks (Read more about Diet Restrictions of Maintenance Phase here). During this maintenance phase, you will find that your appetite will be different than before you started the diet. The HCG diet prepares you for eating smaller and healthier meals and your body will become use to it over the duration of the diet.

During the maintenance phase, it is recommended for you to reintroduce regular exercise into your life. You do not have to strain yourself with exercise but you do need to get involved with moderate exercises such as treadmill, cycling or aerobics. Many dieters turn to Yoga to stay in shape once they have lost all the extra weight they want to lose.

You are not recommended using HCG products during the Maintenance phase, even if you gain some weight back. Instead, you can do a “steak day” in order to break a stall, or to correct the weight gains in order to maintain your weight at a desired level.

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