What’s the Right HCG Dosage for Weight Loss?

weightloss124155925_stdIf you are planning to buy HCG online you will at some point wonder about what’s the right HCG dosage for weight loss and the correct use of the injections. A low HCG dosage as little as 125 IU per day accompanied by a low-calorie diet plan can provide a dieter with intensely quick weight loss according to the renowned British Physician Dr. ATW Simeons. Thousands of people have successfully shed serious pounds off by taking the daily 125 IU HCG injections along with a very low calorie diet, 500 calories a day to be specific. Experts have asserted that the daily usage of 125 IU in terms of an HCG dosage can produce the most effective weight loss equating to an average of one pound per day. That means that a dieter can lose roughly 30 pounds a month.

However, Kevin Trudeau recently states in his best seller, The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want you to Know About, one should take 175 to 200 IU HCG injections daily to maximize ones weight loss (Read page 123 in KT’s book in the question “Has there been any changes to Dr. Simeons’ “Weight loss Protocol”). According to Trudeau, we are much more toxic today and hence a higher daily HCG injection dosage is needed for best weight loss result. So what you need to consider is “how toxic are you?” If you did some of the cleansing in phase 1 and/or have been eating organic foods, then you should consider using 175 IU. If you are going right into Phase 2 without doing any of Phase 1 and haven’t done any body cleansing you might be better off with 200 IU. That is the best general advice to offer.

Determining the correct HCG dosage is imperative if one wants to derive weight loss success from the use of the HCG injections. More is not necessarily better. It is important that the user does not use more than the recommended HCG dosage simply because higher doses can cause the diet to fail, and can even cause the user to gain weight instead of lose it. Your body could become immune to the HCG near the end of your treatment if the dosage is too high. HCG also must be used specifically as directed simply because the injections are quite powerful and can be accompanied with a number of unwanted side effects if the injections are misused or abused. A higher HCG dosage does not produce better or more powerful weight loss effects.

In addition, keeping committed to the use of an HCG dosage at 175 to 200 IU per day must be done while one maintains food intakes of no more than 500 calories per day if the individual wants this HCG diet to work. To intake or consume more calories the dieter may slow the weight loss progress down or cause the diet to fail all together. Basically, it is significantly important that a dieter follow an HCG program exactly as specified. One should not falsely assume that using more HCG than necessary will not speed up your weight loss.


  1. Lori says

    What is the harm, if any, mixed hcg with sterile water instead of bacteriostatic water?

    Hoping someone has this information??

    Thanks in advance

  2. Joyce says

    I am doing the HCG Ultra drops. Do you take before meal or after meal. and how many times a day? I lost my instructions. Please advise

    • Marilyn says

      New here, been taking 10ml shots! I was loosing weight, but it has slowed down to no weight lose! What should I change?

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