Why You Should Refrain from Strenuous Exercise on the HCG Diet

It’s been pounded into your head ever since you started trying to lose weight; the only way to get rid of the pounds is to eat less and to get up and start exercising a lot.  Then you find out the HCG diet plan that tells you to reduce your food intake, take the HCG injections or oral HCG drops, but refrain from strenuous exercise. It almost seems impossible to believe; how can a diet work without strenuous exercise?  Is it really possible to drop pounds without doing some kind of rigorous workout three to four times every week?  What about building muscle to burn fat or working off excess calories?

Dr. ATW Simeons clearly states not to exercise strenuously on HCG diet. Some people new to the HCG diet plan have trouble comprehending why exercise is not recommended on the HCG weight loss process. While it is true that a bit of moderate exercise such as walking won’t hurt you, a lot of exercise or strenuous exercise can backfire on you while on the HCG diet plan.  It is because, despite the fact that taking HCG makes you feel full, even on a five hundred calorie per day diet, the low intake of food is not sufficient for strenuous exercise.

When you start exercising on a HCG diet, the body will perceive it doesn’t have enough energy sources to rely on and it will believe you are starving.  This reduces the metabolic processes and severely slows, if not all together stalls the weight loss process.  This is why it is so vital that you refrain from strenuous workouts until you have achieved your set weight loss goals while using an HCG diet plan. In addition, you are already burning abnormal fat with the very low calories diet while on hCG diet. Extra exercising will result in the loss of lean muscle tissues instead.

Does being on an HCG plan mean that you have to give up exercising forever?  No. In fact, once you have lost the weight you set out to lose you can put yourself on an exercise regimen to keep the weight off permanently.  Meanwhile, during the dieting process, limit your exercise to brief walks, stretching, and very low impact exercises.  You will find that your dieting efforts will be far more successful because you maintain a fast metabolism with a low calorie intake.


  1. John. says

    Workout the old fashion way. Start by stop stuffing ur face and get off the couch. U put yourself in that predicament you need to get out. Hcg may work, so does hard work. Need to lose 17.5 lbs, everyday I do my best. Eat health, exercise and know when I hit my goal,it was all me. Not some drug. But what ever suits you, then go for it.

  2. Lorenzo Legge says

    I am about to start the hcg weight loss program. IM accustom to exercising doing cardiovascular exercises in the gym walking on mornings and I play basketball recreational y. So i basically exercise 4 to 5 times a week. While on the HCG is this to much I exercise approximately 2.hrs on those days. 1hr in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

  3. Marie says

    I am on the 4th day and I feel pretty good so far. I have read mixed reviews on these shots. I don’t want to get discouraged, I do Zumba for an hour 3-4 times a week
    and 1 day training for 30 minutes is this too much to do
    where it will mess up the routine.

  4. kafont1 says

    Exercising strenuously will increase insulin levels after working out. That's why high intensity exercise it not recommended.

  5. Scott says

    You can't exercise because with only 500 calories a day you will probably pass out a normal human body needs about 1200-1500 calories a day just to function you drop that down to 500 calories a day doing anything more then getting off your couch might actually kill you.

  6. Karen says

    I do the Silver Sneakers workouts daily plus an hour twice a week with a personal trainer. I've been working out for about 18 months so I was worried about losing muscle instead of fat. My Doctor said to eat more protein and eat 3 egg whites for breakfast and if I was real hungry add a yoke – before I work out. So I eat more breakfast and lunch and less at dinner – losing the weight and not hungry – also taking the L-Carnitine before I work out.

  7. Maria says

    I have just started the HCG diet and losing a little over 1 lb a day, but I am exercising, riding my bike to burn about 100 calories and doing sit ups, weights and resistant type exercise. weights every other day and the bike every day, I am losing steadily, I was told to eat a fruit before exercise and a protein or protein shake after in addition to the 500 calories and I am losing steadily. just don't do too much strenuous exercise, if you do you need to eat just a little more.

    • Susan says

      This what I was worried about. I have been excercising and then started the drops. I read that adding the protein drink after the work out would only help. I am glad to know that I can still have the 500 calories and the protein drink. Thank you

  8. Lisa says

    I am on day 8 (R2P2D8), I am a personal trainer (train clients lunch hr) and yoga teacher. Last night I worked out to the max both sessions with my clients. Today, I am super tired and did not lose. I feel like I got hit by a bus.
    I am not doing that again. Stick to moderate walking. It worked for me on round 1!

  9. Lolabird says

    Dr S DOES NOT recommend exercise, and the starvation mode theory definitely does apply. Where people are getting confused is there is a difference to starting a new work out plan from couch potato, or continuing a routine your body is used to. If you've been weight training/running etc for a long time (I'd say 6months or more, but maybe even only 3. If you've made your initial muscle/cardio gains and hit a plateau, your body should be adjusted enough) you can continue, but you should do so at a moderate pace, ie do not add weight or endurance. Aim only to stay roughly where you're at, perhaps a little less, especially as you go into week 3 and beyond. Supplement with additional protein. I used up to 200g extra protein somedays. Add carbs post workout as well, but healthily. I would rely on fast acting sports supplements for this, as that is what they are designed for to feed muscles. Most of all, listen to your body. You WILL lose muscle if you're not careful. Your body will have no choice but to cannibalize itself.
    If you've never exercised before, DON'T do it. What's the point? You want to start a healthy lifestyle, all this will teach you is you're exhausted and weak, because you'll b e putting too much strain on your system. In a few short weeks, you can start with P3. You'll be carrying on average 20 to 30lbs less fat for your joints and heart to deal with. Less chance of injury. More chance of sticking to it. Quicker results, as you'll be able to see the muscle gains with less lard on you. HCG is fun and quick but still very very hard. Why set yourself up to blow it???

  10. Sharon says

    A few weeks back I did the HCG diet, but on a 800 calorie plan.. what I can tell you is.. 1-yes it works.. within a week I did lose 5.3 pounds.. 2- DONT do any sort of heavy exercise.. I was boxing at home..speed walking up hills on the treadmill for an hour 3-4 days a week.. and by the end of my 2nd week on it.. I wanted to die in a corner. I couldn't sleep from the appetite suppressant pills I was given (I went to an actual weight loss clinic who provided me with all of this and told me the more I work out..the better)… at the end.. yes I did lose weight.. but I also lost all of my appetite.. to the point of I refused to eat even after the pills stopped.. everything disgusted me.. I didn't sleep for a week straight.. I'd get an hour or 2 in during the day.. my stool wasn't the same even.. headache's/earache's..you name it.. I had it. Bottom line is… DONT DO HEAVY/RIGOROUS EXERCISING.. it won't pay off during this diet…

  11. karen says

    I am 8 days in to my first round and I could not resist a fun morning of surfing- now I am more tired than I have ever felt for such a moderate level of athleticism and am wondering just what happened physiologically, did I mess up my hcg metabolism? Did I digest muscle? hmmmm

  12. evelyn flynn says

    I started the diet almost 3 weeks ago. I love doing Zumba as a workout!! If I do Zumba 2-3 times a week, will that affect my weight loss on the HCG ultra drop diet? How much can I possibly hurt myself if its an hour class a couple days a week? I saw on another site to just make up the calories you burn after working out. Would eating some veggies or fruit after the workout to suppress my appetite hurt me or will it be ok??

  13. ProjectMe says

    I’ve been reading up on the ‘no exercise’ rule while on HCG. What I found was that (1) Dr. A.T.W. Simeon didn’t seem to have such a prohibition and (2) there is some valid debate on whether the “starvation mode” theory rightly applies. Have a look at the article and leave a comment. Is the exercise prohibition really time-tested no-no, or an overreach in theory that doesn’t stand up to facts? If you have any thoughts or experiences, I’d love to hear them!

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