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    Hi Summer and welcome!

    Wow you are eating alot of off protocol foods, you must be following a different diet plan then Dr Simeons Punds and Inches? There is no dairy allowed at all except for 1 TBS of low fat milk per day and soy is so not ok either is turkey, cheese or mixing vegi's. With all that cheese how are you keeping to the 500 calories?

    I suggest you at least read Dr Simoens Pounds and Inches protocol, you can google it and read it and even print it off for free. He spent 50 yrs researching and testing this diet and the foods he chose for the diet are because this is not just a regular diet it is a hormone based diet and the foods he has in his protocol are the foods that work best with our hormones.

    The first 3-5 days of the 500 calorie part your body is going to go through a detox of all the bad foods you have been used to eating and it is going to clear them out fast so you will have headaches and feel kind icky for a few days. Rest lots and drink tons of water to help flush it out faster.

    There is a journal section and we all have our own journal over in that section and you should go there and create one for yourself. No one seems to come to the blogs to comment. But in the hournal section you will get tons of support and encouragement from all the ladies on here.

    Good luck to you and happy loosing!