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My Wellness Journey of Life...

Starting a little blindly...

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So, I started my HCG Eating regimen a few days ago . This is the 3rd time I've done this way of eating. The first time I lost about 50lbs, then sadly, I gained it all back. Well, maybe not all, but close.

I found myself irritated and severly depressed that I allowed myself to get back to this point. I was very excited and proud of myself when I had lost all that weight. I was wearing clothes that I still had and hadn't been able to wear in years (I still kept those). Why do I make this harder than it really is?!! Alas, here I am...humbled and yet ready to do battle again. This time, it's not just going to be a temporary change so I can get into my old clothes. It's going to be a life style change.

Anyway, so I have not been keeping track of my food and weight since I started because I did not have a weight scale. I started to write down the food stuff, but quickly lost the commitment to write it down everyday. I will be getting my scale in the next couple days. Tomorrow morning I will start writing down everything. I know that I've lost weight already, because my clothes feel slightly looser. I hoping that I can count on my new friends here to help me through this change. I'm sure there will be times when I want to call it quits, and it's at times like that that I will need some encouragement. With that said, here is my blog for today...

Today went great!!! I ate all my usual items that I have to eat on the diet and did not stray at all. There was one time today when I was putting my food back in the fridge that I spotted an unwrapped snickers in the back of the fridge. I thought for a few seconds...then threw it away downt he garbage disposal. Phew! Close one!
Other than that, it was a great day!!!

Mizpah, my friends!

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