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Round 2...

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Well, here we go again! I am starting Round 2, VLCD1 today. I loaded over the weekend and I am so stuffed I can't even think of food right now! During Round 1 I lost 20 pounds in 30 days. Plus I lost an additional 4 pounds in the first week of P3. I cheated big time over Xmas & New Year's Eve and I know that set me back at least 10 pounds. This round I am determined to stick to the protocol and NO CHEATING! I know now that is it just not worth it.
I am planning a 40 day round this time. Looking forward to being much closer to my goal weight of 200.

Round 1:
Start weight 290. LWD 270.

Round 2:
Starting weight: 265.8
Day 1 Loading: 267
Day 2 Loading: 271
Day 3 Loading: 272
Day 4 VLCD:

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  1. pudy68's Avatar
    So how did it go?
  2. toriaarce's Avatar
    Hi there. I wanted to know from your experience what kind of drops of HCG should I order. I am new to start this diet on the HCG and what moviated me is because of your lost process of weight you had lost. Im almost close to 300 and 5'6 ever since I had my son two yrs ago couldn't drop the weight. If you can please help me with a great advice. Thank you! Congrats on your goal!

  3. pudy68's Avatar
    I don't think she's checking her blog very frequently, Victoria. I use a product called slimline and it comes two ways, one with amino acids, and the other without. I buy the one with them. It's $22.95 a bottle, and free US shipping. (www . hcgslimline . com delete the spaces before and after the ".")
  4. kristi313's Avatar
    It doesn't notify me when someone posts on my blog so I don't see it. So sorry. I use the slimline drops too. They are the cheapest and work great.
  5. kristi313's Avatar
    on the forum is the best place to post questions.