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Belive it!!!

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I know many who have used the HCG Diet and have had success. This diet has itís share of sceptics, but users swear it works. Even many high profile professionals say the diet needs more research before people can jump to conclusions.

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  1. equinefriend's Avatar
    If you do your homework and find that there are thousands of DR.s prescribing this treatment and of course even more people doing it you find the same with any diet. Skeptics! So all diets have problems and no diet works without a change in lifestyle. That is the key to any successful program The worst thing is to be so afraid to try something because of the heresy and keep being grossly obese. . There is a modified version of this program called the 800 cal protocol that makes it safer and healthier. Plus it was even tested by a Bariatric Physicians clinic with a study but the FDA continues to attempt to shut down the whole idea and make it impossible for the public to do what they can to change their lives. When no other Program out there works and this is the only thing I have found to lose weight. I lost over 50lbs on it after struggling with those extra lbs for over 20 years. Diet and exercise could not change it. This program did!