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The beginning of the journey :)

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Hello everyone,

A lady I work with recently told me about HCG (she saw it on Dr Oz) so i thought it MUST be decent!

I did my 3 days of loading and started out with a weight of 73.1kg. The first day of Phase 2, I went slightly off track as we went out for lunch to Nandos, I ordered the salad with chicken which had fetta cheese squares in it (Naughty Dani!) Anyways, for dinner that night I ate 100g of mince fried in a pan (no oil) with spinach leaves and one tomato chopped up. It looked gross but It wasn't so bad (I didn't use any salt or pepper either). The following day I weighed in and had lost about 600grams. I was satisfied with this. The next day i had
breakfast: celery stick
lunch: half an apple
dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs

I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but I really wasn't hungry.

The following day i weighed in and lost a huge 1.2kilos! so now I am down to 71.5

My goal weight is about 64kg which I think I can easily manage.

I have also prepared 100g of beef and chicken in the freezer to easily prepare. Always have tomato and celery on hand as well as apples.

I work as a flight attendant so I will have to take a lot of meals with me to avoid the fatty plane food.

I would love to share my journey with others who are also on phase 2 would be great to have some support:)

All the best to you if you are also on the HCG diet.

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