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My 1st Blog

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So, this is my 1st official blog and my umph-teenth diet. I am truly hopeful for this to help me get to my first goal of weighing 199 lbs. I know 199 is still heavy, but it's my 1st goal. I have weighed over 200lbs for over 13 years now and I am ready to say see yah to the 200's for good!

So, I started last Saturday(6/8/13)with my 1st loading day. I enjoyed a quesadilla and salsa with a cup of coffee with powdered creamer for breakfast.
We had a birthday party to attend later and they served chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream which became my lunch. :)
Then for dinner, I had 2 pieces of papa murphy's pizza with a big salad with ranch dressing and croutons.
I also enjoyed, a coorslight with dinner.

My 2nd day of loading was Sunday (6/9/13) I had a single pancake with butter and sugar free syrup with coffee and powdered creamer.
Lunch was a turkey sandwich on a hoagie roll with a pickle and some mayonaise.
Dinner was a single piece of pizza and another coorslight x's 2.

My 1st day of 500 calories mentally freaked me out. I woke up and made some green tea with stevia and had half an apple for breakfast. I then had a lunch date with a friend from out of town (great, i know) not how I wanted to start my 1st 500 calorie day, but I managed. I ordered a side salad with grilled chicken and a soy garlic low fat dressing and drank water. For dinner I made a spinach salad with tomato, cucumber, turkey and a low fat string cheese and drizzled apple cider vinegar on it (wow, that was tasty). I was feeling pretty hungry still and finished the other half of my apple and drank more water. I went to bed around 9 and felt a little hungry and hoped to fall asleep quick, which I did. I was over my 500 calories by 58 extra oops!

Today is my 2nd day of 500 calories and I felt a very slight headache this morning. I made some green tea and had 5 strawberries for breakfast. I had lots of errands and kept busy till about 2 when I was pretty darn hungry for lunch! I made a salad just like the one for dinner and had a melba toast with a laughing cow (35 cal). Dinner was baked chicken with spinach mixed with apple cider vinegar and a laughing cow with lots of garlic (yummo)!! I also had 2 slices of tomatoes with vinegar and salt and pepper. I am at 440 calories right now and I will probably add an apple before bed.

My start weight 236.2
Day 2 237.8
Day 3 235.8
Day 4 233.6
Day 5 fingers crossed for more loss!!

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  1. shannon's Avatar
    Hi Summer and welcome!

    Wow you are eating alot of off protocol foods, you must be following a different diet plan then Dr Simeons Punds and Inches? There is no dairy allowed at all except for 1 TBS of low fat milk per day and soy is so not ok either is turkey, cheese or mixing vegi's. With all that cheese how are you keeping to the 500 calories?

    I suggest you at least read Dr Simoens Pounds and Inches protocol, you can google it and read it and even print it off for free. He spent 50 yrs researching and testing this diet and the foods he chose for the diet are because this is not just a regular diet it is a hormone based diet and the foods he has in his protocol are the foods that work best with our hormones.

    The first 3-5 days of the 500 calorie part your body is going to go through a detox of all the bad foods you have been used to eating and it is going to clear them out fast so you will have headaches and feel kind icky for a few days. Rest lots and drink tons of water to help flush it out faster.

    There is a journal section and we all have our own journal over in that section and you should go there and create one for yourself. No one seems to come to the blogs to comment. But in the hournal section you will get tons of support and encouragement from all the ladies on here.

    Good luck to you and happy loosing!