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Stick a fork in me...

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I am done!

This is my second tour of duty. My first time I had great results with HCG. It had transformed me completely. I had a positive attitude again, was much more athletic, and enjoyed my looks. I was able to maintain for a very long time. I moved over into a new lifestyle, Paleo. I found that it really complimented my new lifestyle.

I am just finishing up renovations in the house, I have been without a kitchen for 4 months. Needless to say, any hopes of healthy cooking went out the door. Add to that stress. Well here I am, 15 lbs heavier than where I want to be. I feel so disgusting, people at work tell me I am neurotic. They say I am overreacting and that you cannot see anything. I admit I do hide it well, but I am so uncomfortable. I see these guys with big bellies at work and they have their shirts tucked in and a belt around their wastes. I have no idea how they do it or how they can feel comfortable. I am constantly getting up out of my chair to avoid the feeling of my stomach pressing against my belt. The minute I get home I feel like Superman, I rush into the closet and change into my baggiest clothing. It drives me crazy! Well, with that being said I am on a mission to rid myself of those feelings.

I read a lot where they say you do not have to work out while you on HCG. In my personal experience, that is misinformation. I noticed with my body that not only did I lose fat, I did lose muscle mass too. This time around I will be incorporating the gym and cardio. Energy levels will obviously be low, so I will just have to adjust my gym routine to accommodate that. I want to ensure that all fat that is leaving me will be eventually be replaced by muscle.

Well, with all that being said this is my first "load" day. Time to eat that nasty food. I feel sick already just thinking of it. I will be up dating my blog regularly, just not my measurements. I hate watching the scale every day. It can drive a person insane. I will update once a week. Trust that the HCG is doing it's job as I am doing my job and following the instructions to the letter.

Happy shedding everyone!

Start Measurements:

Weight: 190.4 lbs
Waist: 39"

Day 1

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  1. charity2013's Avatar
    We are just the opposite. I watch the scale constantly. I learn from reading a lady testimony on another diet program. She said, "She watch the scale everyday, because this can let her know what she ate differently that cause her to gain 1 lb or 2. She also said, she take it one day at a time; and she didn't set a date as to when she wanted to reach her goal, she just wanted to make sure she did by knowing what she was eating wrong to cause her weight gain."

    So, I took this into advisement. So far, its working for me because I'm not a kitchen person, and I need to know if I'm staying on track.

    Keep up the good work on getting to the finish line in a healthy way.