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R1 P2 Day 2

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I am new to this and really enjoying reading everyones post!

I did my two load days but not sure I loaded enough, didn't gain any weight stayed the same during load days. Today is day 2 and only lost 2 lbs but not complaining just excited for a loss of any kind! No headache and no hunger pains yesterday for day one of the 500 calories, I was very shocked but also seemed to have a hard time getting to 500 calories and I was eating as protocol.

Excited for each new day to see what happens next

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  1. lilbit's Avatar
    if you are planing to lose more than 20 pounds and doing another round to get it all.. use the first few day losses as guide...

    I think you have to gorge 24/7 during load days to ensure you ingest enough fats to refill normal healthy fat stores in body so when on the 500 diet your body will feel no need to hang on to the bad unhealthy fat storage and will release them which is where the weight loss comes from.
    if your body doesnt have enought healthy fat storage your body will fill that need before it releases the unhealthy fat storage....
    either way you are off to a good start.. so
    don't worry about what you can not change.. and just focus on the goal and sticking to the diet and all will be good.
  2. shannon's Avatar
    R1 P2 Day 3

    R1 P1 Load Day 1 - 182.6
    R1 P1 Load Day 2 - 182.6
    R1 P2 Day 1 - 182.6
    R1 P2 Day 2 - 180.6
    R1 P2 Day 3 - 178.4

    Feeling very encouraged and loving the results so far! Have a scholarship breakfast to attend for my daughter this morning and worried people are going to think I am weird not eating but not willing to through away what I have accomplished so far so gonna stick to coffee and water. Stressing a little about the weekend and hoping I can refrain from drinking a few drinks, it is my stress reliever from my crazy stressful work week but I am determined to do it!

    Didn't measure myself before I started and am really kicking myself for not doing it! I can really see a difference already and wishing I would of measured, dang it!!

    Happy Friday everyone
  3. lilbit's Avatar
    you also need to keep a running journal in the forum section with weight that is were most keep theirs and you will get lots of encouragement there.. think more read the forum daily than do the blogs

    go ahead and measure now.. and use that for future referece
    as for the weekend.. take the glass or mug you normally use when drinking beer or whate ver in and keep your tea or water in it.. use a approved fruit slice as garnish..
    if you have the flavored stevia drops use some to excite the water or tea replacing the booze..
    you can do this....just set mind to it.
  4. lilbit's Avatar
    i also enjoyed to drink on weekends.. but took all my booze to friends house to ensure it was not in my view..
    also took all non approved food and put in their deep freeze so all in my fridge is what i can eat... this is helping as i dont have any chance to cheat at all
  5. chosenfew1's Avatar
    Shannon, hope you read my post. I started the drops yesterday morning at 246.8 lbs and weigh in this morning at 243.4 lbs. I am soooooooooo excited. This is my last day to load and tomorrow morning begins the 500 diet.......
  6. chosenfew1's Avatar
    Hey Shannon, I could not locate the tracking journal you referred. Today is my first day on the 500 - not to bad
  7. Tula's Avatar
    Tomorrow is my 1st day on 500..
  8. ufbaby's Avatar
    Which drops did you buy and where from? Thanks.