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just came from facebook where a now un-friended friend had posted a picture of an obese woman in bra and underwear eating a cake and there were 20+ comments on how funny it was. why is this still considered acceptable? it seems like the only group everyone can still agree to make fun of is overweight people.

decided i'm going to post meals here to remind myself what i've eaten and liked, what seems to cause less loss, etc.

today so far:

- cup of coffee with 2t milk and 1 pack stevia (normally haven't had milk at all, but i'm trying to make myself like coffee and i can't stomach it without the milk yet!)
- 100 g very lean ground beef hamburger seasoned with dried onion, onion powder, garlic powder, celery salt, and black pepper
- 1 breadstick
- 2 halves kosher dill pickles (first time trying pickles on this diet...will see how it goes!)
- green apple fruit 'leather' (only contains apple; will see if this works, too)
- water, of course

really having a harder time this round in motivation eating wise...haven't cheated but also haven't gotten past the wanting to eating something else and feeling totally bored with food options. was thinking of going for the 28 day round because of this, but dr. recommends staying on 40, so gotta stay on course!

second meal:
- 100 g chicken breast, poached
- 1 c chicken broth
- 1 can rotel
- handful cilantro
- juice 1/2 lemon

unfortunately in between i also ate about 5 more pickle halves. not a good purchase.

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Updated 01-27-2011 at 05:24 AM by tamaca (added remaining food for day)

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  1. Diane's Avatar
    Good luck today Tamaca! I would worry about the fruit leather having too much sugar condensed into one little strip. I don't know what the values are of a fruit leather but I would be cautious. I hope it doesn't affect you negatively.
  2. tamaca's Avatar
    thanks, diane! i think you are probably right. i gained again today, even tho it was only .2...i tried waaaaay too many 'new' foods in one day so i can't even single it out. plus it's that TOM, which is also probably why i was trying too many new things . back to basics today!
  3. NZGirl's Avatar
    You can do it Tamaca. Just give in to it, don't think about how many days or how much you need to lose and just take things as they come, make sure you put aside the time and energy required to make sure you have the diet down-pat, spend the rest of your energies living your life, don't waste the extra hoping.
    I had to go through that process yesterday and I feel so much better. i was worrying about not nbeing a big loser in the first week, was I doing something wrong, too much carbs etc. then i was just like, let go, who cares. You are still losing on average 0.75lbs a day. there is nothing to worry about. This is the easiest diet I have ever done!

    So i have reminded myself about feeling really grateful as often as I can through the day. This is my life now, not tomorrow, not when I lose 30lbs, it's happening right now. Just enjoy that, the protocol is part of that (and such a simple part) and it is good.
    Look i got a bit carried away, but it was good to write that. may not actually be relevant to your situation at all! But it felt really huge to me