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feeling positive

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I have heard that others found this helpful, so I thought I would start one myself. I am usually not into these kinds of things, but have loved reading things on this forum. I am feeling good so far on day 2 of phase 2..have no idea all of the terminology yet. I have a friend who started the same day as I did, also 3-4 people in my work area are either on phase 2 or just getting started, but have done it before. I think this will help a lot in regards to support and asking questions

I have done great today and I am excited and nervous about getting on the scale tomorrow..but I guess that is not going to go away. I am hoping to get into some cool jeans I have saved just in case I ever lost some weight.

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  1. Birdie's Avatar
    April, welcome aboard! Yes, reading forum comments and having a place to ask questions and get input from others who are walking the talk is a super support! Hang those jeans where you will see them, good reward! I usually don't have time for forum chat, either, but I do find posting and reading helps keep me focused, and informed on things that may be on my path. That scale is your FRIEND, so don't be a scaredy cat! It's going to help you get where you wanna go - into those cute jeans!
  2. april's Avatar
    thanks Birdie for the encouragement. I got on the scale and am happy and sad that it weighs in pounds and ounces. I guess when it is good to have the ounces to see the small losses, but there is something cool about the old scales that just rounded the amount up. I did see some loss and I am at work today, which is way easier than being at home..I am busy and have not thought about food all day.