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Hello All!
I can't wait to start the HCG Diet! I haven't recieved my drops yet, but I'm rarin' to go!
I am in my late 30's, 5'1" and currently 175 pounds. About 6 years ago I weighed 192 pounds. I didn't even realize how heavy I had gotten until I asked my husband (who is 6'1") how much he weighed. He weighed 190 at the time. It was then that I KNEW I had to do something. My problem: I'm chronically lazy. I don't want to eat right and exercise. I want to lose weight NOW and I don't want to do the work. So I used Ephedra to get the weight off. It worked! In 5 months I was down to 139 pounds. That is the lowest weight I've ever been in my adult life. When I stopped taking the Ephedra and got comfortable again...I ate. I ate my way back to where I am now.
And AGAIN, I still don't want to do the work. I realize the HCG Diet requires a lot of commitment, but it grabbed my attention because it is FAST. I don't want to wait to be thin. I want it NOW! I just don't know how to overcome this lazy mentality. I KNOW I need to change, but I just need a catalyst. I'm hoping THIS is the catalyst!
I should get my drops either tomorrow or the next day and I'm excited. I NEED to reset my metabolism. Because of all of the weight loss meds I've taken over the years I have killed it. It's non-existent. I generally don't eat breakfast or lunch and then I eat whatever I want for dinner. I don't think I ever go over 2000 calories in a day, but since I have no metabolism from not eating balanced meals and not exercising...I'm still gaining weight. I REALLY hope HCG helps me kick-start my metabolism.
I also have had acne since I was about 13. I HATE it! This is also an area that I'm hoping will change due to this diet. As I type this my skin is crawling. My face feels like a thousand tiny volcanoes are covering it. Sometimes I think if I could just get rid of my acne then I wouldn't care if I was fat. But I really think my acne has a lot to do with my diet. I feel like my body is hoarding toxins. Has anyone out there noticed a positive change in their skin with this diet? I'd like to hear about it.
I was talking to my husband about the diet today since I really need his help and encouragement. The man eats like a sow and doesn't gain a pound! I didn't tell him this diet involved taking HCG (he doesn't like me putting crap in my body...yet he doesn't say a word when I eat a whole bag of chips!). I just told him that I would be on a "Metabolism Reset Diet" and that I would be eating basically protein, fruits and vegetables. He was very supportive about it. He said, "I'll just eat the same thing you do." I said, "NO! You can eat what I do...but you'll have to eat about 3 times as much." There is NO WAY he would survive on 500 calories a day. Right now he weighs 170 (again, less than me...sigh) and he is far too thin in my opinion.
So tonight we will be going to the market for food.
I really hope to change my life...and especially change my way of thinking about food.
Any support from anyone out there would be appreciated!


P.S. My screen name is meant to be sarcastic...since I am neither Thin nor Rich. But if this works, at least I'll be half way there. lol

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  1. Tigger143's Avatar
    Good luck> I started 11days ago and am down 9lbs so far I am takiing drops. I am 5'3" and 159lbs when started. I know what you mean. UGh Diets are hard. I did this to A. reset metabolism b. lose weight duh c. Learn some discipline! I am weak when it comes to dieting. I eat pretty healthy regularly but my metabolism is shot and my work out schedule is too inconsistent. Work potlucks also are the bain of my existence I am loving the feeling of accomplishing the diet so far. The best tip is to make sure you pack your lunch each night. If you have an andriod or IPHONE I use Myfitness Pal app and it helps me track food and it has a scanner too (plus it's free).

    Good luck! and my suggestion is NO cheating. You will learn and read on results when folks cheat and it does impact! This site has lots of useful information and recipies. Stick to the list

    Good luck!
  2. ThinNRich's Avatar
    Thanks Tigger!
    I am also doing the program for the same exact three reasons you listed! In the same order.