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back to R1 P3 first day weight. yay! i have to tell myself this is the last time i will ever weigh 300 pounds ever again. i never could have imagined i would let my weight get so out of control and i would be happy to be under 300 pounds. i remember going on weight watchers during college at about 160 and wondering how on earth i was so fat! and in high school, where i also thought i was fat at 135. i have no real memory of being happy with my weight, so there is no baseline in my head that i can refer to. how i wish i could go back in time and tell myself to get real .

today's food:

- hazelnut flavored coffee with 2t milk and 1 packet stevia

- chili: 100g very lean ground beef with 7 oz fire-roasted tomatoes, taco spices, hot sauce, and cilantro x 2

- apple

- smart water
- s.p. mineral water
- more sugar free gum

eating a lot of ground beef, because once i have it i like to finish far no problems weight-wise. and it's super lean, so i think it's okay.

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Updated 01-27-2011 at 05:19 AM by tamaca

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  1. Diane's Avatar
    It really is amazing how we tend to look at ourselves whether we are heavy or NOT. When I was competing with my horses I always thought that I fat compared to the other women out there, 135lbs and I was complaining. If I should ever get to be 135 I don't think anyone would hear a single complaint from me ever again :-)
    Good luck in P3 I am going into P3 on Thursday. Hope I can ask you questions if I need some help or guidance I am so scared to go into this next phase.
  2. tamaca's Avatar
    so true, diane! one of the main reasons i thought i was fat at 135 was that all my friends were these little 105 pounders. i look at pictures now and think 'wtf?' i was thin!! and i'm with you, i will never complain at 135 again should i get there .

    sending you good thoughts for P3! i understand it is strangely nerve wracking to start eating more food. if i can help let me know of course!