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finally below 300!! yippee....although it's JUST below, so i'll have to be very careful today to not disappoint myself .

food intake:

- hazelnut flavored coffee with 2t milk and 1 packet stevia

- 100 g diced skinless chicken breast and apple with lemon juice and curry powder in cabbage 'wraps'
- iced oolong tea

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Updated 01-27-2011 at 05:18 AM by tamaca

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daily update


  1. Maria's Avatar
    that is a major milestone!
    Big Congrats to you!!!
  2. tamaca's Avatar
    thanks, billy . crossing my fingers that i don't fluctuate in the next day or two. keep telling myself i will never weigh this much again!
  3. lovehcg's Avatar

    I feel soooo happy for you!!!
    You really deserve it!
  4. tamaca's Avatar
    thanks so much, love! i've now seemed to hit a stall...hopefully tomorrow will continue downward .
  5. cdavisson's Avatar
    Hi Tamaca! I am brand new to hcg and to this forum. I am on day 4 of vlcd. Just stumbled onto a forum (or blog?) last night that has been your daily entries from when you first started your first round. So thankful to read about your experiences....I think reading about how others have handled all of this will really help those of us that are on the road behind you. MAJOR congratulations on reaching this milestone!! I'll continue reading and cheering you on as you continue to lose Thx! Carol