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oh darn. up .2 today. not unusual, but i really felt like it was going to be a good loss day.

interestingly, i'm still on course with R1's weight loss. i gained on day 19 of that round, too. how odd!

yesterday's food log:

- hazelnut flavored coffee with 2t milk and 1 packet stevia

- 100g ground chicken with taco seasoning, smoked paprika, s & p, garlic
- 7 oz diced tomatoes, few butter lettuce leaves
- cilantro, raw onion, and hot sauce

- apple

- 100g ground chicken with onion, cilantro, basil, mint, s & p, ground coriander, lime juice, dash fish sauce
- 1/2 cucumber, butter lettuce leaves
- onion, cilantro, basil, mint
- dressing of hot sauce, stevia, lime juice, dash fish sauce

- orange

i think i'm going to give up the dash of fish sauce i've been using to see if that's the culprit, as it's not on the protocol (of course). too bad because it really helped make my faux vietnamese food taste not so faux! oh well, i can tough it out.

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