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    I agree with Shannon. You said you are tracking but are you counting calories (I just noticed you wrote "guessed")
    I keep track of my calories on my iphone with the myfitnesspal app but you can also use that site on a pc/laptop.
    Oh and I don't eat the melba toast, either.
    Good luck!

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    Yes I agree with the girls. It is surely very difficult to look away from Mc Donalds, but you have to. For sometime. Once you look all pretty and thin you will be so happy that you did.
    Drink as much as water as possible. And do get the break sticks. Its only when you start eating them you realise that they are good and you will eventually want to eat them more. And 400 is very less. You need to get atleast 500. Do not assume, know what you eating and you will have the calories mentioned on it.
    Relax and I'm sure you will do just fine.

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