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    injection during menstruation

    Hi, does anyone know whether I should do hcg injection during menstruation or not? TIA

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    Re: injection during menstruation

    here's what I found somewhere that answers your Q:

    "During menstruation no injections are given, but the diet is continued and causes no hardship; yet as soon as the menstruation is over, the patients become extremely hungry unless the injections are resumed at once. It is very impressive to see the suffering of a woman who has continued her diet for a day or two beyond the end of the period without coming for her injection and then to hear the next day that all hunger ceased within a few hours after the injection and to see her once again content, florid and cheerful. While on the question of menstruation it must he added that in teenaged girls the period may in some rare cases be delayed and exceptionally stop altogether. If then later this is artificially induced some weight may be regained."

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    Delta78 is right-- that's a great quote from P&I. But, I've read tons of info from women who continue to inject during TOM. Yesterday I watched a Youtube video from a woman who says she'll always inject during TOM from now on-- apparently she's one of many women who got serious hunger cravings because of stopping the injections for their periods.

    I personally did inject during my period last round,and am going to do so this round as well. I have *zero* will power against cravings to binge, and it's not worth it to me to stop taking it just to ward off some possible hypothetical immunity. I have yet to read of anyone actually becoming immune to it, and no one that I know has developed an immunity.

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    So I guess that is why they say to stop injecting, because of possible immunity? I am very nervous about not injecting as well. I don't want to stop injecting and risk gaining weight or being so hungry that I can't concentrate at work. I'm glad to hear other women have continued injecting with no effects.

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    The reason for not injecting during menstruation is not because of immunity. Men take HCG as well and they are never told to stop for a week. If you are doing injections for longer then 21 days you should be skipping one injection per week until the 40 injections have been taken. So I am doing 40 days of injections and I skip every Sunday. The HCG does not dissapear from your system fast enough for you to feel any different during the one day skip so you shouldn't be afraid to do it. The real reason for not doing injections during your menstrual cycle is that women naturally produce small amounts of HCG naturally in their bodies during the week of menstruation. This is the chemical in your body that gives the cue to ovulate. So because you will have natural HCG in your system you do not need the injections. However, if you are worried about not doing the injections for a whole week and you are on birth control you can just skip you period that month and go from one pack of pills straight into the next, skipping the pills for the week of your cycle. That way you won't mess up your bodies natural balance and you can continue your injections throughout.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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    My naturopath explained to me not to inject on the heavy days of your period and when the flow starts to slow down and is lighter and spotty then you can start injecting. He said that some women get severe cramping and some women their uterus tenses up like a labor contraction if they stay on the hcg during their period


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