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    Planned Interruption Help!

    I've never done a planned interruption so a little clueless on how they work. So a few questions:

    1. To do a planned interruption do you stop HCG shots, do the 72 hours and eat P3 while on your interruption?

    2. How long can you stay in "interruption" mode before you need to go back on HCG shots? (I ask this one because TOM is coming and if I were to do a interruption I was thinking I might as well do it while on TOM.

    3. You don't have to re-load before going back on the HCG shots correct?

    4. How risky is it to do a interruption? In terms I going to gain a ton since I'd be 4-5 days shy of the 23 shot minimum?

    I have a potential luncheon coming up on Saturday and would be nice if I could actually eat something there. I'm very close to my goal but the other reason is I'm getting pretty bored (ok, extemely bored) and not sure if I can take another 10-14+ days (depending on when TOM decides to arrive) of VLCD and just feel like I need like a break. I don't mind the idea of going back on after a interruption as I plan on being done one way or another before Christmas. But just need to know the particulars on how interruptions work and their consequences (if any) before deciding.

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    Hi Cricket,

    A planned interruption is not allowed unless you have been on HCG for a full 23 days with no cheating. If you have been on HCG with no cheating for a full 23 days then you would stop HCG 72 hours prior to when you want your interruption to start and still continue the VLCD for those 72 hours. Once your 72 hours is up you would then go onto eating P3 foods.

    You can be on an intterruption for no more then 14 days which is 14 days of no HCG which includes the 72 hours after stopping and then the 2 days you need to have in your system before you start back up so you could actually do 10 full days of P3 eating.

    I wold strongly suggest against doing it if you have not had a full 23 days on HCG as you won't stablize and be able to keep your weight under control. although the final decision is up to you.

    I did an interruption in my first round after about 6 weeks of being on HCG and was off for less then a full week and did end up having a gain and then it took several days for me to get the gain weight off and start loosing new weight.

    You don't have to reload either just start right back in but do 2 days of HCG while eating P2 foods prior to starting back on the VLCD.

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    Ok, thanks for the info! Definitely not worth the risk. I'll just stick this out because the last thing I would want to do is risk stabilizing when I do hit P3. I stablized so well the last 2 rounds thankfully.

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