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    HcG side effects

    I have been on the Hcg diet for 2 weeks now. I got sublingual HcG from my doctor. Although I have lost 12 pounds so far, I am in constant hunger! I noticed that the hunger comes on when I take the drops. I have tried all the tricks to stop the hunger pangs- Increasing the dosage (which makes it worst), B-12, L-glutamine, increasing water, etc. but it doesn't help. At this point, I'm wondering if it is really nausea. Has anyone else had this experience?

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    Re: HcG side effects

    Did you load heavy enough?

    Which fruit did you eat? Eat fruit other than apple since apples have the most carbs of any of the fruit we can have, so that can trigger hunger.

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    Re: HcG side effects

    Do you have low blood sugar? When your blood sugar is low, your brain will respond by making you feel hungry.

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    Re: HcG side effects

    Did you exercise? If yes, stop exercising will help curb the hunger.

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    Re: HcG side effects

    what's your dosage? On the hcg, more is not always better. Perhaps you should reduce the dosage instead of increasing. Good luck!

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    How much water are you drinking? Sometimes we are dehydrated and have a feeling of being hungry. Sometimes it's emotional and we "want" to eat and believe we "need" to eat. This usually doesn't last really long.

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    I had this in the beginning and it went away. I agree with all the above except Shawn5 what are you doing on this site if you don't think HCG is the way to go?

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    Water is most important issue here. We have to drink plenty of water when under a diet plan. Yes apple may be reason behind your hunger. I suggest you to eat low calorie biscuit when the hunger beyond the limit.

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    Udder i agree with you dear that water is essential item and we should drink plenty of water in a day for a best diet plan.With water we can easily reduce weight and can prevent from many diseases.And lisam you should avoid to eat apple.You need to eat some powerful food with calories.


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