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    Question Using Progesterone cream on P2?

    This progesterone cream has really helped with my irregular cycles since I hit pre-menopause. I am wondering if anyone else used it with the HCG homeopathic drops. I am hoping there will be no interference. I don't want to go back to having a period every 3 weeks (which will probably slow my loss) or interfering with the loss of HCG. I know we are not supposed to use skin products like moisturizer, and this has a little bit of oil in it, but I used make up products with oil on prior round and it didn't hurt my losses. (I also used hair conditioner with some oil in it).

    I know this isn't any place to get medical advice, but if anyone used progesterone in pill form or as a cream and it didn't interfere with your loss, please let me know?

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    I used progesterone cream all through my first round. My doctor said it was fine and it didn't seem to affect my loss at all. I wouldn't worry about it :-)

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    hey martiangirl....I bet it would be ok.

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    Thanks ladies, I think I will restart it. It will be the only oil I am using as product on the body.


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