Hi Everybody,
When time is of the essence and you have to drop some weight, there's no better way than a well-managed HCG program. Because I'm active and like to exercise, I've been on a modified HCG program that allows for some extra calories in the form of protein.
As many of you know, losing weight is only half the battle. The other half and bigger challenge is keeping the weight (fat) off. There is a breakthrough technology on the horizon that will help regulate some of the genetic dysfunction that most people have that makes it so difficult to keep the fat off. This new technology actually targets the fat-genes that are responsible for fat-burning, fat-storage, appetite, cravings, and mood. The Discovery Channel is airing a documentary in January on this new gene-based technology and the company and universities that collaborated on its development.
As a matter of fact, I'm launching a movement called "The Global Thinning Project" that will address a sad 21st century paradox, global obesity and child starvation. The Global Thinning Project is about education, sharing credible knowledge and direction, and leveraging some of the latest clinically validated innovations like HCG and this new gene-based fat-loss technology. Join the revolution!