I accidentally bought a scd (specific carbohydrate diet) cookbook and love it! The scd is a life long strict diet for people suffering from: celiacs, colitits, IBS, chrons, and cystic fibrosis. It is grain free, gluten free (why I bought it), sugar free (except honey in small amts.), and lactose free. Almost everything is homemade so the recipes are real foods and not from a box. It is easy enough to sub store bought sauces for the recipes if you so desire. Nut flours such as almond are used through out the cookbook. So I was thinking - With so many of us trying almond flour for the first time : I recommend these cookbooks:

Healing Foods

by Sandra Ramacher

Recipes for the Specific Csrbohydrate diet

by Raman Prasad

Both cookbooks have plenty of pictures in color as this is a must for me! The second book has quite a few ethnic dishes which are nice. I have about 20-25 recipes that I want to try (from each book) as everything has turned out good so far! I have even bought a yogurt maker to make my own yogurt (super easy) as probiotics are recommended and the first book has yogurt in many recipes.

Anyone else have some life maintenance cookbooks that they recommend?