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    How to determine the right HCG dosage for best result?

    Simeons used 125 iu hcg back in the 50's. Back then it was adequate no matter the amount of weight to lose or the size of the person.

    With more recent research, however---in the 70's---it was determined that the optimal dose was now 175 iu to 200 iu.

    The reason for this being that there were a great many cases with hypothalamus problems, and other health issues, as compared to people in the 50's. With the addition of more chemicals to our daily life, our bodies have become more and more toxic over the years. And, through testing, they discovered that the effective dose was now 175-200.

    As Simeons said not to go above 200 iu hcg, as the possibility of immunity would greatly increase, or that the reverse effects could occur, we have come to the conclusion that a dose of 175 iu hcg would be the best way to go---strong enough to deal with our more toxic environment, and not too high to invoke immunity.

    If you havenít done a cleanse prior to Phase two, you may want to go with 200 iu. That becomes your own personal decision.

    If you are doing only a 23 day program, then there is no worry of immunity to the HCG.

    Simeons recommended that anyone doing the program for 40 injections should do 6 days on and one day off per week, to slow down the onset of immunity. That doesn't mean it will be guaranteed not to kick in. If at around the 35th injection you are starting to feel hungry this is an indication that the hcg is no longer working and that your body is now accessing the normal fat, instead of the abnormal fat. At this point you must stop immediately.

    That is not to say it will happen, just that the possibility exists and we need to watch out for it.

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    Re: How to determine the right HCG dosage for best result?

    At that point you need to do the 6 weeks off in KT's book, to allow your system to lose its immunity. Of course, if you need to do more than two programs, each period in between is longer and longer. You need to refer to KT's book for specifics.

    If you are close to your goal weight, you need to complete at least 23 days of injections.

    When you reach your goal weight you will experience a sudden ravenous hunger. This is due to the fact that your body has depleted all of the abnormal fat reserves. As the HCG does not allow your body to access the normal fat, or muscle, then 500 calories is no longer enough to sustain you. At this point you now need to go from 500 calories a day to 800-1000 calories a day, and continue 800-1000 calories a day for three days after the last HCG injection---as the HCG will still be in your system, and eating normally during that time will cause alarming weight gain.

    If you are reaching the end of 40 injections ďandĒ nearing your goal, you may not be sure if the hunger is due to immunity, or having reached your goal. At this point go to 800-1000 calories and continue on the HCG. If you suddenly start gaining, then it is immunity and you need to stop immediately. If you donít gain on 800-1000 calories, while still on the HCG, then this would indicate that you have, in fact, reached your goal. At this point immediately stop the injections and continue 800-1000 calories for three days following.

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    Re: How to determine the right HCG dosage for best result?

    How do we know what strength to use? I will be using the 2000iu on the next round but not sure what strength I should mix it to. I am currently takin hhcg drops and am switching to injections. I will be doing the 23 day round. I bought 2 vials of the 2000iu. So how would I mix and how do I know what strength to mix it at?

    Thank you.

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    My dr mixes mine so I have no idea. I just draw the syringe to 2 and inject it. I'm curious about the dosage now though. I will have to ask at my next weekly appointment.

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    I ordered HCG online from a good source. Mine says I am only to use the solvent which is provided and that is sodium chloride.
    Why is this blog suggesting using bacteriostatic water instead?? I am an RN and when mixing drugs, we would never use a solvent that is NOT recommended by the manufacture.

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    We use an FDA regulated pharmacy that recommends Bacteriostatic Water. Depending on the round and possible immunity, patients typically start with 20 units (drawing to the 2), for the first two weeks. Weeks 3-4, they will draw to 25 units and if weight loss continues satisfactorily, then they will finish the remaining weeks at this dosage.

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    I'm new the injection. I brought 10000 iu and 5000 iu I need to know how many units to take. Please let me know.

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    I have kept my hcg wrapped in foil and in the fridge and only take out for the next mornings injections. Does anyone know if this is the right way to keep it?

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    Moni I am not familiar with the injections so hopefully one of the gals that is also doing injections will chime in. Most of us use homeopathic HCG drops.


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