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    question about buying hcg

    I found a center near me that is 40 days for $599 includes the entire program and I have a choice between drops or injections. I read here a few ppl that paid less for theirs. You think this is too expensive

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    Re: question about buying hcg

    way too expensive. you can buy enough hcg for 40 injection days for about $10
    and $20 shipping. if you do sublingual then three vials of 5000 units each will
    cost about $30. shipping the same.

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    Re: question about buying hcg

    Thank you so much!! Is there a particular site that is well recommended?? Just bc I saw lots of choices online, thanks so much

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    Re: question about buying hcg

    right now i like all the other choices are just brand names
    and the number of units in the vial. if you dont know about this stuff then go
    to the files section and start reading. there should be directions for mixing.
    and you have to decide if you want to inject or do sublingual. that matters
    because sl uses more hcg but the cost is similar because we dont have to buy
    needles or sealed vials.

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    Re: question about buying hcg

    Awesome!! thanks so much for your response! I will definitely look in the files!
    I'm so excited but nervous about this process but I gotta do it for my health!

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    Re: question about buying hcg

    read Pounds and Inches over and over. you cant read it too much. of course he
    only addresses injecting and many of us do sublingual. but other than that all
    the diet is stuff is the way to be successful.

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    Re: question about buying hcg

    buy more than you think you need. it is very cheap and you pay the same shipping
    no matter how much you buy. and unmixed it is good for more than a year. and it
    is a great confidence builder to have it on hand.

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    Re: question about buying hcg

    Thanks for the great info!! Probably I will chose the sl drops bc I hate needles & won't stick with the program if I do needles.

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    Re: question about buying hcg

    when i say sl i am referring to rx hcg mixed for sublingual. when people talk
    about drops they are usually referring to homeopathic. there is no hcg in that
    product. whatever you do, good luck.

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    Re: question about buying hcg

    I found a site "" bc alldaychemist I couldn't find the sl drops. Anyone has heard of this site or has experienced it?

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