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    This is my 3rd round and I have been using Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF15 without any negative effects. I think it is supposed to be used as a facial moisturizer. My skin is very sensitive and I couldn't use the baby oil (itching) and the aloe didn't moisturize enough. I live in Arizona and it is super dry here. The Neutrogena seems to keep my skin from getting too dry, and feels like real lotion. It is kinda expensive, $12 for a 4 oz bottle, but totally worth it. Does anyone else use this?

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    This is a great thread. I was wondering what I was going to replace my body lotion with. Now, I can find something that wont kill the weightloss. Thank you ladies!


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    Corn Huskers lotion is pure glycerine without any oil for folks who don't like or have problems with baby oil...

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